Goddard Reynards – More Air, More Power

Fred Goddard is delighted this morning: he’s clutching a fax that states that “all the teams have agreed that your Reynard-Cosworths can run at 800 kg with a 44mm restrictor” – in the FIA SCC, of course.

Having tested the cars with both the 44mm and the ‘smaller for 2003’ restrictor, Fred Goddard is fully aware of the performance shortfall in full 2003 spec. This decision will keep his cars “really competitive” – and he already knows how reliable they are. He’s very appreciative of the other teams’ willingness to help get other cars out racing. “Now we need drivers rapidly.”

fredgoddard@fredgoddardracing.co.uk will get you in contact with him, or 01327 858309.

(We’ve got a very good record recently of matching up GT drivers with cars – FIA GTs, British GTs, even the Le Mans Test Day – but can we do it with prototypes too?)



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