ACO Restrictors For FIA SCC

It’s late to make the decision, but it seems to be the right one – the FIA Sportscar Championship will have the SR1 and ACO 675 prototypes run the smaller ACO 2003 restrictors this year.

It’s an odd way for prototype racing to evolve – after all, ACO-spec. cars are only running smaller restrictors this year at the insistence of the FIA, to ‘slow down’ the prototypes at the high speed Le Mans circuit. But the teams have rightly requested that they run their cars with the same restrictors at all the events they are likely to enter this year – and have known about this change for some time.

This tweak of the rules might tempt Team Goh to run their Audi in the FIA SCC post-Le Mans, and will mean that the likes of Racing for Holland, Pescarolo Sport and RN Motorsports (675) can run their cars in Le Mans spec. at Estoril on April 13. For once, teams have requested a loss of power!

The FIA ratified the move at a meeting of the World Council on April 2.


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