Goddard Reynard Drive(s)

This is a genuine story – and neatly sums up where prototype racing is in Europe. If Fred Goddard can tempt someone to join likely driver Paul Knapfield into one of his Reynard Nicholson-McLaren Cosworths in the FIA SCC, then this class of racing is going to steadily recover.

dailysportscar.com“The shame of it is that we didn’t go to Sebring,” says Fred Goddard. “With the reliability of our cars, we would almost certainly have won the class, even with the small restrictor. That would have shown what we can do.

“We’re not entering the first FIA SCC race at Estoril, but that will give them a chance to let the regulations sort themselves out. I believe we’ll be running the cars at 750 kg, with the 44mm restrictor.”

That should allow the lighter 675s to run with the 41.7mm restrictor, creating a level playing field for all – especially as these cars will be racing head to head against the SR1s.

“We’ll start at the second race at the Lausitzring,” says Goddard. I’ve got three seats available, and am interested to hear from drivers (with budgets of course) keen to race prototypes.”

Goddard finds the ACO “Le Mans Tournament” plan (for 2004) attractive at this stage, because the longer races will provide the chance for the reliability of his cars to shine through.

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