13+ For Estoril, More To Come

The first round of the FIA SCC, at Estoril on April 13, should see at least eight SR1s on the track, together with five SR2s – with the entry list growing for the next race, at the Lausitzring.

The current 13 are:
Racing for Holland Dome S101 Judd – Jan Lammers / John Bosch
Racing for Holland Dome S101 Judd - Beppe Gabbiani / felipe Ortiz
Pescarolo Courage C60 Peugeot – Jean-Christophe Boullion / TBA
Taurus Lola B2K / 10B Judd – Phil Andrews / Justin Keen
Promec Engineering Promec PJ119 – Gianfranco Trombetti / Gabriele Lanceri
RN Motorsports DBA4-03S Zytek – John Nielsen / Hayanari Shimoda
GLV Ferrari 333SP – Giovanni Lavaggi / TBA
Durango Judd – Leonardo Maddalena / Fulvio Cavicci

Jota Pilbeam MP84 – Sam Hignett / John Stack
Lucchini Engineering Lucchini – Piergiuseppe Peroni / Mirko Savoldi
GP Racing Lucchini – Gianni Collini / Fabio Mancini
PiR Pilbeam MP84 – Rob Croydon / TBA
SCI Lucchini – Enrico Muscioni / Ranieri Randaccio.

Fred Goddard Racing are expected to confirm the presence of at least one of their Reynards in Portugal, now that they have been given approval to race with 2002 restrictors.

The grid should pick up dramatically after Le Mans, with the likes of the Goh Audi and the Lister Storm LMP entering races, plus a second Taurus Lola.

What's Giovanni Lavaggi up to with that Ferrari?

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