Fred Goddard – FIA SCC It Is

Fred Goddard has been pushing to have his Reynards receive reasonable treatment as regards restrictors for this year – and his gentle persuasion has paid off.

The situation is that the Fred Goddard Racing 675 Reynards do not actually have a class to race in, in the FIA SCC – where it’s SR1s and SR2s only. So these two cars would be racing against the SR1s, but with a significant power deficit.

But the team owner has been informed that he can run his cars “with a 44mm restrictor, instead of a 41.7.” That makes all the difference, and saves the cost of major engine development work. Fred Goddard is ready to go racing!

All he needs now are drivers. Contact Fred by e-mail, for the chance to drive a lighter than SR1 car, with less than (but still ample) SR1 power output.

And they’re very pretty cars too.


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