Mosler Men In Cologne
The Professional Motorsport World Expo in Köln, Germany (November 7 – 10) is a new event, created largely for the benefit of professionals. Bart Mampaey, team owner and manager of RBM, the reigning World Touring Car Champions, described it as “well organized, from the parking through to the welcome desk to the show itself.”

As already known to dsc readers, there was the launch of a new racing car: Martin Short and Mosler Europe presented the Mosler MT900R GT3. They received initial approval in September, to run the car in the European GT3 Championship.

“We’re capable of building a good number of cars for next year – about ten – with the aim of six of them going to the FIA GT3 series. The others might go to national GT3 championships, such as Belcar, the new German GT series and other domestic series such as British GTs,” explained Martin Short yesterday.

“The car is has been racing in various forms since 2001, and has finished numerous 24 hour races in that time, with some great results. It's been fine-tuned to become this GT3 car, one of the great features of which is the 7 litre Chevrolet LS7 engine (derived from the Corvette Z06). The advantages of this engine are its cost and its prodigious torque, power and reliability. And should anyone need a replacement engine, it costs just £12,000 complete.”

And then there's the cost of the complete car: 200,000 Euros.

One of the happy Mosler customers was also in Köln. Guino Kenis runs a Mosler GT2 in the Belcar series and has been very successful this year. “Indeed, except from the first race in June, where we retired after a puncture, we always finished on the class 2 podium, with the season’s highlight in Spa in September. Together with Michaël De Keersmaecker, we finished first in class and third overall, behind the two SRT C5-Rs,” says the BMW dealer from Turnhout, Belgium, and owner of the G&A team.

“The Mosler is a superb race car. The driving of it is close to the Super Touring BMW I drove in the nineties. If you want to go really fast, you have to drive within the small rev range of the 5 litre Chevy engine, which makes it not so easy to go fast but on the other hand, it’s really challenging for a real race driver. It’s the complete opposite of the C5-R I drove on the Bugatti in the FFSA GT; that’s a car running on torque. Last but not least the Mosler is reliable, as we proved during the Zolder 24 hours, by finishing sixth overall.”

The G&A Mosler runs the 5-litre Chevy owing to the Belcar rules.

Guino Kenis made the point that since running the Mosler, "our workshop is now immaculate, because we don't work all hours on the car, as we have done in the past."

G&A will run at least one Mosler in Belcar 2007.
Joost Custers


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