Spa Entry Changes

24 Hours
The latest entry list shows several further changes ahead of this weekend’s Proximus 24 Hours of Spa.

GT1 sees just one driver change, as Kurt Mollekens joins the GLPK Racing squad aboard the yellow C6.R. As reported here already, both PSI Corvettes are confirmed on the entry list now.

GT2 sees four additions to the driver roster. Ex-Noble Group / GruppeM man Darryl O’Young joins the #52 Renauer Porsche squad, with sportscar veteran Jean-Michel Martin now aboard the JMB Ferrari 430 GTC, while, as reported earlier, Marc Duez finds a berth in the #78 Ice Pol Porsche. Spyker completes its line-up with Donny Crevels.

In Group 2 the Manthey 997s are renumbered 111 and 197 for the race, and they are joined in G2 by the JMB 360, formerly #79 in GT2, now numbered #179.

The final change in G2 is a significant one: the #99 GT2 Race Alliance Porsche is withdrawn by the team to be replaced by a BMW M3 GTR, #199, with Klaus Engelhorn joining its driving squad.

G3 sees Tom Cloet joining the #110 GPR Racing Porsche 997. The Duller BMW Z4M is definitely a withdrawal, while the First Motorsport Porsche, which was in G2, switches to G3.

One of the trio of Pouchelon Vipers (#112) has disappeared from the list and Thierry Stepec leaves the driving squad: he is now in the Red Racing Viper (#107).

Christian Beau and Olivier Baron meanwhile both join the #118 G3 Pilotage Passion Viper, re-numbered from #111, and there’s an additional entry: the #121 Speed Lover car is another Porsche 996 GT3 Cup for Jürgen Van Hover, Roger Grouwels and Julien Schell.

All that means that there are still 45 cars on the entry list – exactly the same as currently listed for the GT3 races.

The now almost traditional reshuffle of the GT3 entry list continues, with the roster for the double header at Spa this weekend confirming the disappearance of the S-Berg Lamborghini Gallardo equipe, but the appearance (albeit with a clean sweep of nine TBC drivers) of a second, three car Ferrari 430 team, as GPC joins in the fun.

Carsport Callaway welcomes back Klaus Ludwig to the #16 Z06 Corvette with John Heinricy moving over to the #18 car, while Damax brings back Ben Collins to campaign an Ascari again: he and Aaron Scott are kept apart in the driver selection though.

Diego Alessi meanwhile becomes the first man in the Championship to transfer between marques, joining the BMS Scuderia Italia squad in preference to the AF Corse Maserati Gransport Light he has campaigned so far.


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