Embassy Back In 2007
Or Even Sooner

Jonathan France won’t yet admit to his choice of car, but he does suggest that “we (Embassy Racing) fully expect to ink in the order form following the FIA round at Silverstone next week”.

So it’s a GT car, presumably, and not a prototype?

“Only last week we agreed a deal with a sponsor new to motor racing and are now in the enviable position of having our funding in place for the 2007 season,” continues the team owner.

“We fully intend to be up and running for testing before the end of summer and may even manage some competition towards the end of the year.”

As the team’s statement aptly expresses it, ‘Embassy is well known for adding more than a little glamour and excitement to motorsport events’.

There is no word on the series that the team is eyeing for 2007…. but we’ll endeavour to corner the team owner at Silverstone next week. We won’t let him go until he has spilled the beans!

Wonder if Neil Cunningham can keep a secret...?


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