The FIA (GT3) Bureau Has Decided
Well, almost. A final test at Silverstone on May 4, a week today, will see some of the cars in the new GT3 class on track, so that the equalisation procedure can be concluded - ahead of the opening two races on Saturday / Sunday (May 6-7).

The cars that do take to the track are expected to run in these configurations (of Michelin tyre compound and ballast):

Porsche 997 Cup Soft tyres 0 kg ballast
Ferrari 430 Challenge Soft tyres 0 kg
Maserati Tropheo Light Soft tyres 0 kg
Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Hard tyres 70 kg
Venturi Heritage Soft tyres 10 kg
Ascari KZR1 Hard tyres 80 kg
Aston Martin DBRS9 Soft tyres 0 kg
Corvette Z06 GT3 Hard tyres 70 kg
Lamborghini Gallardo Soft tyres 0 kg

There are some other, subtle changes: the Vipers will run with restrictors 30 % smaller than before – although if restrictors are reduced further, there is likely to be a reduction in the ballast carried.

‘Something similar’ could apply to the Ascaris too.

The Corvette ZO6s will be required to run with a ‘restrictor plate’ with a 75mm diameter.

The top 12 GT3 times at Dijon earlier this month are listed below. It looks as though the target time (for want of a better expression) was 1:20.

1 26 GT3 RACING BOX Dodge Viper Coupe 1:20.584
2 3 GT3 CARSPORT CALLAWAY Corvette Z06 GT3 1:20.613
3 45 GT3 DAMAX Ascari KZ1R 1:20.959
4 41 GT3 JMB RACING VENTURI Venturi Heritage 1:21.845
5 123 GT3 ASTON MARTIN BMS Aston Martin DBRS9 1:21.862
6 7 GT3 TECH 9 MOTORSPORT Porsche 997 1:21.976
7 14 GT3 REITER ENGINEERING Lamborghini Gallardo 1:21.991
8 27 GT3 RACING BOX Dodge Viper Coupe 1:22.016
9 32 GT3 JMB RACING FERRARI Ferrari 430 GT3 1:22.074
10 8 GT3 TECH 9 MOTORSPORT Porsche 997 1:22.267
11 144 GT3 BARWELL MOTORSPORT Aston Martin DBRS9 1:22.444
12 22 GT3 BARWELL MOTORSPORT Aston Martin DBRS9 1:22.490


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