Zakspeed Saleen Fastest – Or Vitaphone Maserati?
There are some interesting tables on the MST website (with all the information relating to the Dijon test days this week) – and the best sector times tell a slightly different story to the combined teams posted on dsc earlier today (a slightly cranky dsc today, alas – with apologies if you’ve found the service unavailable at times…).

Just looking at GT1 over the two days, and taking the best sector times in any one session, we find an order that looks like this (combined times and order in brackets)

1 2 GT1 VITAPHONE RACING Maserati MC12 GT1 1:14.277 (1:14.625 3rd)
2 9 GT1 ZAKSPEED Saleen S7R 1:14.457 (1:14.484 1st)
3 1 GT1 VITAPHONE RACING Maserati MC12 GT1 1:14.476 (1:14.615 2nd)
4 23 GT1 ASTON MARTIN BMS Aston Martin DBR9 1:14.477 (1:14.909 5th)
5 4 GT1 GLPK-CARSPORT Corvette C6.R 1:14.732 (1:14.732 4th)
6 33 GT1 RACE ALLIANCE Aston Martin DBR9 1:15.076 (1:15.297 6th)
7 44 GT1 RACE ALLIANCE Aston Martin DBR9 1:15.243 (1:15.396 7th)
8 24 GT1 ASTON MARTIN BMS Aston Martin DBR9 1:15.789 (1:16.131 8th)
9 5 GT1 PHOENIX RACING Aston Martin DBR9 1:17.209 (1:17.209 9th)
10 11 GT1 BALFE MOTORSPORT Saleen S7R 1:18.098 (1:18.159 10th)
11 16 GT1 ROCK MEDIA MOTORS Pagani Zonda 1:24.453? (1:24.131 11th) .

Other than the first three changing positions, and then the next two too, there aren’t any other alterations in the order – but the biggest change is that of the #2 Vitaphone Maserati, from third to first.

Jamie Davies set the #2 car’s best actual and best ideal times – and that ideal lap, nominally two tenths quicker than anything else, included a second sector time that was three tenths ‘off’ (traffic).. so he was potentially half a second quicker than anyone else.

But as he explains, “you don’t know what anyone else was doing – whether they were running full tanks, different tyres – and the traffic was bad both days. There were a lot of cars out there, and I don’t know who was in some of them…”

The #2 Vitaphone Maserati didn’t really get a representative time in on day 2 anyway: “Thomas (Biagi) drove in the wet on Wednesday morning, because I’ve had experience already of this years Pirellis in the wet, and in the afternoon, we concentrated on getting his seat right – I only did a couple of laps at the end to get some feedback on the seat that we’ll both use.”

Jamie Davies reckons that “we won’t see the true performance of the cars until the first race at Silverstone.”

By then, the FIA GT Bureau will presumably have analysed the figures from Dijon, and worked out which cars will carry what handicaps – so that the cars’ performance will be as similar as possible… so the above is only of interest for interest’s sake.

NB. We missed out the #5 Phoenix Aston Martin from the combined times page: it only seems to have run on day 2, and slotted in behind the other Aston Martins.


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