Rob Barff - Back In the Spotlight
It was a pleasant surprise to see Rob Barff's name on the side of the Radical SR9 prior to the pre-season Paul Ricard tests and there was more good Barff-related news yesterday, with the confirmation that he will join Joao Barbosa aboard a Breckland Racing Mosler in G2 in the FIA GT Championship.

"I thought my days of being paired with the old Portugese Warhorse were over, but it's really very good news that Breckland have put this programme together,” said Barff. “They are keen to promote the road cars (which they build in the UK) and a solid race programme is a great way to do that."

Barff reports that he has embarked on a successful fitness programme over the close season: "Towards the end of last year I was a bit overweight and unhappy with my level of fitness but I got my act together and have been training hard. I'm now fitter, stronger and in better shape than ever before."

While there are no confirmed plans for Rob to race again in the Rollcentre Radicals, he has "kept the dates for Spa free in my diary! The car is very special indeed and there's so much more to come too."

It's been a week or two of good news in the Barff household, with Rob's longtime 'significant other' Katherine Legge's excellent debut in Champcars last weekend, an eighth place finish at the Long Beach Grand Prix being the best finish in the series by a female driver. "She's annoyed with herself though because she had a spin and could have led a lap and finished fifth."

So what is it like in a situation where both partners are involved in the high pressure world of international motorsport?

"We're very much a normal couple. We chat about our day at work and don't really get directly involved in each others’ programmes. I'll be travelling out to watch Round 3 of the Champcars (Round 2 clashes with the Spa 1000kms) and I'm just delighted with the programme she's got this year."

We'll also be seeing Rob in his other role again this season. "I've been asked to do the commentary on Channel 4’s GT on 4 again, it's something I really enjoyed last year and I'm delighted to be coming back. The short programme on Channel 4 is fun but the hour long version on Motors really allows me to put some technical background into the programme."

Barffy is very much becoming the Brundle of British GT racing - that's fine as long as they don't employ James Allen to sit alongside him!


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