FIA GT1 & GT2 Entry Lists
Thanks to Laurent Chauveau and his team at here are the entry lists for the three classes in the 2006 FIA GT Championship. The asterisks refers to part-season entries.

The final entry on the list, in G2, is the complete surprise, and although it won't be ready until round 3, it will be driven by none other than Joao Barbosa and Rob Barff.

"We've formed Breckland Racing," says Breckland Technology's Mike Rawlings, "the Mosler is being built, and we'll have a significant new sponsor to announce in due course."

Rawlins predicts that the Mosler will "look stunning" and the team's intent is clear with those two forming the driver line-up. "It's a three-year deal."

Vitaphone Racing Team 1 Maserati MC12
Vitaphone Racing Team 2 Maserati MC12
GLPK Carsport 4 Corvette C6.R
Phoenix Racing 5 Aston Martin DBR9
Cirtek Motorsport * 7 Aston Martin DBR9
Zakspeed 9 Saleen S7-R
Balfe Motorsport * 11 Saleen S7-R (full season, but race by race)
B-Racing RS Line Team 13 Lamborghini Murcielago
Reiter Engineering * 14 Lamborghini Murcielago (from Brno)
JMB Racing * 15 Maserati MC12 (Spa only)
Red Racing * 19 Lister Storm
Aston Martin Racing BMS 23 Aston Martin DBR9
Aston Martin Racing BMS 24 Aston Martin DBR9
Race Alliance Motorsport 33 Aston Martin DBR9
Race Alliance Motorsport 44 Aston Martin DBR9

Renauer Motorsport Team 52 Porsche GT3 RSR
Renauer Motorsport Team * 53 Porsche GT3-RSR
Vonka Racing 54 Porsche GT3-RSR
JMB Racing 55 Ferrari 430 GT
JMB Racing 56 Ferrari 430 GT
Team LNT * 57 Panoz Esperante
AF Corse 58 Ferrari 430 GT
AF Corse 59 Ferrari 430 GT
RJN Motorsport * 60 Nissan 350z
Scuderia Ecosse 62 Ferrari 430 GT
Scuderia Ecosse 63 Ferrari 430 GT
Team Felbermayr-Proton 66 Porsche GT3 RSR
Team Felbermayr-Proton 69 Porsche GT3-RSR
GPC Sport * 70 Ferrari 430 GT
RSV Motorsport * 71 Ferrari 430 GT
Ebimotors 74 Porsche GT3 RSR
Ebimotors 75 Porsche GT3 RSR
Autoracing Club Bratislava 77 Porsche GT3 RSR
Race Alliance 99 Porsche GT3 RSR

Belgian Racing 101 Gillet Vertigo
Breckland Racing * 124 Mosler MT900


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