Ben Collins Joins Damax For FIA GT3
Robin Ward, Damax team owner, brings the pleasing news today that Ben Collins is the fourth driver to join the Damax squad for the FIA GT3 Championship.

With Aaron Scott, Nick Adams and Richard Stanton already on board, that means that two of the team’s three Ascaris are now fully crewed for the five race series.

Collins of course has driven Ascaris in the past, including the factory team’s LMP900 prototypes and most recently the GT2 car at the Belcar test.

“There’s interest for the third car with several names still in the frame,” said Ward. “We’re taking Aaron, Richard and Ben to Dijon for the test session.”

Damax will be very interested observers when the equalization process reaches its final stages at Dijon.

“I think there will be enough pressure from the bigger manufacturers to ensure that the cars will be evenly matched. I can’t believe they would allow the Dodge to just drive away with it.”

So those GT3 Series seats are filling up now. There will be some hard negotiations underway though between now and May 7 with not just the third Ascari, but several other cars still to complete their lineups.



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