B-Racing RSLine Launch
The elegant lakeside resort of St. Wolfgang in Austria saw the presentation, last Thursday (March 23), of the B-Racing RSLine team’s 2006 attack on the international GT racing season - in front of over 300 guests, among them FIA GT supremo Stephane Ratel…. and never was there a dull moment – writes Johannes Gauglica.

With plenty of entertainment, music, and the sights and sounds of thoroughbred racecars, as well as some equally spectacular eye candy of the female variety, the ambitious evening’s programme was pulled off in slick fashion, something that will hopefully continue throughout B-Racing’s season.

The whole town received a Lamborghini “soundbite” when the Murcielago R-GT, with B-Racing test driver Bastian Kolmsee at the wheel, as well as other racecars and road cars prepared by Reiter Engineering, took to the street for a quick “concours”.

We give long-time Reiter Engineering collaborator Peter Kox full marks for a series of very neat donuts with the GT2 Diablo, but we are quite convinced he broke a few traffic laws.

To reiterate, the B-Racing RSLine drivers for 2006 are Norbert Walchhofer (FIA GT and LMS), Ben Leuenberger (above, right - LMS), Christophe Bouchut (FIA GT), and (the bespectacled) Michele Bartyan (FIA GT); in the new FIA GT3 series, Andreas Mayrzedt of Austria will drive a Gallardo, with his team-mate yet to be announced.

And then they were straight off to Paul Ricard...



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