Philipp Peter: No Lamborghini
Following announcements by the B-Racing team that Philipp Peter would be driving their Lamborghini Murcielago for them in this year’s Le Mans Series, the Austrian has has made it clear that he will be concentrating on his Aston Martin programme with the RaceAlliance team in the FIA GT Championship.

“There were talks early on,” says Peter, “but after my signing with RaceAlliance, it was clear that this could no longer be an issue for me. It would have led to irritation (with RaceAlliance). The press release by B-Racing was perhaps a bit premature, but I was able to sort it out with the people in charge.”

About his prospects for the FIA GT season: “New team, new car, teamed up with Karl Wendlinger (below) at last – what more can you want. I am certainly very motivated for this year. And I am convinced that we with this professional environment behind us, we will deliver some ‘highlights’ in FIA GT.”


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