Balfe Saleen Unclothed
Having tested its ex-GNM / RML Saleen before Christmas, Balfe Motorsport now has the S7R completely stripped down.

“Dad (team boss David Balfe) wanted to do at least one run in it to see what we had, which is why we had the test at Donington Park,” explains Shaun Balfe.

“We sat down not long after the test and wrote out the job list for what needs doing to it - it was a long list! We’ve got the car right down to its bare minimum at the minute and we’re working through a few things to make life a bit easier should we have to do large amounts of work at the circuit during a race weekend. Just making things fit a little bit better and making sure that everything that far into the car is properly sorted before it starts to go back together.”

“We know from building up the Mosler from scratch that by getting everything right at this point we can save ourselves a lot of time when we finally get out testing.”

No news yet on Shaun Balfe’s partner for the FIA GT Championship, but the team hopes to make an announcement within a fortnight.

“We have had a lot of interest from some very well known drivers,” points out Shaun Balfe.


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