Mr. And Mrs. Mazza (to be)
We’re sure it was his old mate Sam Hignett who christened Piers Masarati “Mazza”.

It was definitely Sam Hignett who set up the notion that Piers was in Las Vegas last year, where he allegedly wed a local girl – a story that Piers’ mother and father read on dailysportscar…. which gave his mum Dot an apoplectic fit, and led to father Jamie making an urgent call to his son, to make sure it wasn’t true!

Piers and long-time partner Lisa were (still are) very much an item… and we can now bring this tale right up to date with the news that Piers and Lisa popped over to New York this week – where Piers popped the question, and Lisa said yes.

“We’ll be getting married sometime in 2007,” says Piers, “and will be flying home on Christmas Eve, for Christmas with the family.”

What a lovely pre-Christmas story. Hopefully they’ll escape from the mess that is Heathrow Airport at the moment, and will have a great Christmas together. We wish them every happiness together – and look forward to a bloody good ‘do’ whenever they do tie the knot.

No doubt Piers is studying the 2007 racing calendar right now.. "No, can't make that weekend, because I'm at *****, can't make that one because I'm looking after **** at *****...."

Lisa, what are you getting yourself into? You can't get out of it now - it's on dailysportscar! No Piers, you can't have one of these for Christmas...


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