Team Skater Returns With A Viper In 2007
Team Skater’s ‘toe in the water’ efforts in the 2006 British GT Championship gave racegoers an opportunity to se a real classic back on track: the team’s ex-works Marcos LM500 was always presented beautifully and gave the team an opportunity to assess both the Championship and the competition.

But the challenges of racing a 12 year old GT car are substantial: the team needed to do an immense amount of work to bring the car up to a raceable standard, with parts supply proving a particular problem - perhaps no surprise when you consider the works LM500s were just two of a kind. In some cases the hunt for parts led to new items being fabricated in-house.

Marcus Potts produced this excellent piece after the Media day earlier this year, to set out the significance of the Marcos, but the team is now very much looking to the future, so the old lady is up for sale.

If there were to be a present day equivalent to the Marcos’s role in the mid-1990s it is surely the Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. It’s therefore no real surprise to hear that one of the big V10 powered cars will be the team’s weapon of choice for a full 2007 British GT Championship run.

The team is currently involved in sourcing and acquiring a suitable car.

Team Manager Tim Close revealed this morning that: “We’ve talked to Oreca about our requirements and we’re now looking at a selection of around half a dozen year-old cars: several teams are looking to replace cars they ran this year and that, coupled with a new engine, is the ideal package for us.

“It will allow us to run the full season and to get some sensible testing in too. Stephen Keating will drive and we’re looking for a second driver who would be interested for the full season too.”

The GT3 count then is climbing for 2007, with several more as yet unannounced programmes still to break cover.

Anyone interested in acquiring the Marcos LM500, or indeed in discussing the opportunity to race the Viper in 2007, should contact Tim Close on (+44) 07763939717

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