Happy Birthday Oliver Bryant
Oliver Bryant was DSC’s UK Rookie of the Year in 2005 and today, November 15, he hits the heady heights of 21 years of age.

We first saw a young Oliver in action aboard a Lamborghini Diablo at the 2004 Bahrain GT Festival, but by then he was already a highly accomplished racer of historic GT cars, principally from his father’s rather splendid collection.

Since then we have seen him aboard the Team Aero Morgan Aero 8 - car owner Keith Ahlers cannot speak highly enough of his 2005 and 2006 co-pilot - as well as a 2006 FIA GT3 season aboard a Tech 9 Porsche 997, not forgetting an outing in the Le Mans Series at the Nurburgring in 2005 in the Tech 9 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

It’s been an impressive couple of seasons for the young man from Oxford and there is surely much more to come.

Oliver Bryant is the latest driver to answer the DSC 20 questions:

Where were you born (and when)?
High Wycombe 15/11/85

Where do you now live?

Your favourite Music?

Favourite Food?
Steak and salad

Your current road car?
VW Golf

Which was the first race you ever attended?
1986 to watch my dad win at Snett. in the Morgan +8, don’t remember it much though!

Which was the first race you competed in?
Silverstone International, June 2002, in my MGB in the MGCC BCV8 Championship, FIA Class

Who was your very first sponsor?

Where was your first race win (and in what car?)
Silverstone, MG team race in the MG

Who is your all-time racing hero?
Ayrton Senna

What is your favourite track?

Who is your favourite team mate?
Phil Keen / Keith Ahlers

What was your best ever race?
Mondello Park, British GT

What is the favourite car you have competed in?
AC Cobra (but testing the Dallara Judd LMP1 car was pretty special)

Do you have any racing superstitions?
Never go on the podium unless you have achieved the result

What is the race you would most like to win?
Le Mans

What is the best racing advice you have ever received (and from whom?)
If you make one mistake, you pay for it three times (Rob Wilson)

What is your proudest racing moment?
Winning at Spa in my first race there in a 1964 AC Cobra

What is your most embarrassing racing moment?
Having CLUB INTERNATIONAL girls in tow at Silverstone and not capitalising on their presence!


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