RPM’s Vipers And Porsches
We ‘filed this one away’ in early September, at the team’s request – with a view to posting the full story in November. The announcement has appeared now though, ahead of an opportunity to explain it in depth here.

That’s a shame, because here is the single most positive news item concerning British GTs for many years.

Robin Mortimer’s RPM will field two new GT3 Vipers and two Porsche 997 GT3s in the Avon Tyres British GT Championship.

"The GT3 class has been gathering momentum throughout 2006," comments Robin Mortimer. "It seems clear to me that in the UK at least, it will be the future of GT racing.

"RPM has always run Porsches in the past which have been superb and yielded many race wins for us, but by adding a pair of Vipers to our fleet, which have shown their racing pedigree throughout the 2006 FIA GT3 Championship, I believe it will only make the team stronger and take us closer to our goal of winning the championship in 2007.”

The team tested the first of its Vipers at Estoril on November 5-6, alongside a 997 driven by Matt Griffin. No drivers have been announced for any of the four cars, but Mortimer’s son Alex – a three time GT Cup winner in 2006 – seems set to drive one of the Vipers.

Robin Mortimer has expressed a desire for his team to race in the FIA GT3 Championship in 2008.


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