GTCs Are Back In For 2007 (& Beyond)
And GT2s
It has been suggested that the British GT Championship may become a GT3-only championship in 2007’ begins the latest British GT press release.

SRO is delighted that the GT3 concept has been such an instant success,’ it continues ‘and strongly believes it will form an integral part of future national GT grids across the world. That said, SRO wish to clarify that based upon current driver and team demand, they are committed to a multi-class British GT Championship’.

So despite official suggestions to the contrary (as recently as Sunday June 4), the 2007 Avon Tyres British GT Championship will not be GT3 only.

“Since 2004, SRO has continued to build a strong and healthy multi-class grid, with GT2 and GTC providing action packed, entertaining racing,” said SRO General Manager Bernadette Fitzsimmons. “We have valued relationships with teams from both categories, all of whom have shown a great commitment to the British GT Championship.”

“This season has seen the successful launch of the FIA GT3 European Championship, with large grids in the two opening races at Silverstone, and 51 cars entered for the full season,” continues Bernadette Fitzsimmons. “From a national perspective, SRO sees GT3 becoming a large and important class within the British GT Championship, but so long as support remains strong in other classes, the Avon Tyres British GT Championship will continue to be a multi-class Championship in 2007 and beyond.”

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