BGT Media Day 12 – Trackspeed’s Three Porsches
What an impressive sight they made, lined up in the pitlane at Silverstone yesterday. The three drivers present for the shot are, from the left, Ryan Hooker, Miles Hulford and Jonny Lang.

Unlike a good number of the teams, Trackspeed concentrated on running on this year’s Avon rubber, and it was team manager Piers Masarati who set the best Trackspeed time, a 1:27.396.

“We had a few niggles though – but at least we were put under pressure early on, and we got round it – by cycling all the drivers in two cars – and we don’t expect to have another day like that!” said the TM.

“But that meant that no one got in more than 10 or 15 laps, so the drivers didn’t really get a chance to settle down. We’re going testing again next week, on Wednesday and Friday, at Donington Park.”

The newest face in the team is that of Jonny Lang (right), who will drive the #5 Porsche, with Matt Allison. Lang is a former NW Formula Ford champion, who is “looking to move up the career ladder. I looked at F Renault, but the budgets needed were just too large. I was in touch with Tim Sugden, and he put me onto Piers – and here we are.

“I tested a car in January, got on with the Porsche fairly well, was impressed with Piers, and I’m looking forward to driving with Matt Allison, who has a very good reputation. We should have a good year.”

“There are no team orders,” called out the Masarati fellow.

He might have some interesting challenges ahead, because co-owner of the team David Ashburn is racing the #3 car with Ryan Hooker, and Ashburn (a renowned trouble maker) bluntly says “we are going to win the title, in #3”.

He does admit though that any one of the three cars could come out on top – the third one driven by Miles Hulford and Matt Harris.

Ashburn, on his team manager: “He’s good, he’s knowledgeable, he can help all these drivers – but he can’t help me because I’m quicker than him!”

Ashburn on life as a 58 year old: “My favourite part-time job is winding everybody up, especially Piers.”

Ashburn on smoking: “I was a 60 a day man, but I’ve just given up, just like that. Do you see how serious I’m taking my racing?”

Here he is in his trademark, open-face helmet.

Meanwhile, Trackspeed co-owner Rory Fordyce will be concentrating on racing a Ferrari this year – but not in GT racing. He’s not a huge Porsche fan, and prefers Prancing Horses – especially the supercharged 328 that he’s going to race in the Ferrari Open series.

So the Trackspeed challenge has been laid down: all three pairs / six drivers are out to win – but then so are the rest of the GTC runners.


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