BGT Media Day 7 - Richmond Racing Ginetta
The highly distinctive Ginetta G20 GTR was making its public debut at the British GT Media Day and Richard Hollebon professed himself satisfied with the progress that the brand new car is making.

“We’re happy and we’re doing better than we thought we would,” began the team principal. “We now think that we can join the back of the grid without embarrassment and from there we can work our way forward,” was his much grounded assessment.

As it turned out, the G20 put in the most laps of any of the 19 cars present at the test and produced a best time that was far from embarrassing – a 1:32.423.

With a successful history in racing G20s, Richmond Racing was the natural choice to develop the GTR version and is taking this season very seriously, making it clear that 2005 was for testing and development, while 2006 is for racing. Backing comes from UK head-hunter Harvey Nash and two software companies, MRO and Filenet.

The GTR was billeted in the same garage as the LNT Panozes. With LNT’s ‘boss’ recently becoming the owner of Ginetta Cars, was Lawrence Tomlinson casting an avuncular eye over his neighbours? “We went testing with the Panozes at Pembrey and Lawrence put Tom (Kimber-Smith) in the car,” explained Hollebon. “He didn’t rip the Ginetta badge off the front, which I take as a good sign; but obviously he’s interested in how we do.”

The Ginetta, while clearly much smaller than the Panoz, has the same visual impact as the Esperante – both demand a second look. With the success of the original G20, both as a road car and as a racer, Lawrence Tomlinson will not be the only one following the GTR’s progress with interest in 2006.
Mark Howson


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