BGT Media Day 4 – Welcome Aboard Luke Hines
Luke Hines and Tom Kimber-Smith will be representing Team LNT in the Avon Tyres British GT Championship this year - and Luke Hines had all his plumage on display at Silverstone on Wednesday.

In answering the inevitable question - "Does his hair spring back into shape when he takes his helmet off?" - his father, the well known Martin Hines, reckoned that "No, he has to brush it upwards, back into shape."

Perhaps that's only in hot (sweaty) weather though: David Lord is convinced that Luke took his helmet off and it sprang into shape perfectly.

Anthony Kumpen - you've got a rival!

Luke Hines comes to GT racing from the BTCC - where Alan Gow allegedly didn't approve of Luke's fun and games on the podium.. but the official podium shot always had the man with his cap on backwards.

More from Team LNT (and the media day) on Thursday. British GTs is never going to be the same again...


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