BGT Media Day 2 – Data Protection Solutions Prosport
A welcome addition to the BGT ranks in 2006 is the Prosport LM3000 of Ian Stinton. Whilst not perhaps having a very sexy team name (DPS being his own company), Stinton is determined to prove that a Prosport can be a competitive and reliable challenger, despite the car’s age.

Following in the not entirely successful footsteps of the Bintec and Rob Horsfield Prosports, Stinton has approached the project from a new angle. “It’s one of the original road cars,” was the unexpected response to a question as to the car’s heritage. “There are plenty of Prosport race cars available,” he continued “but they’re all getting a bit worn out. This one hasn’t done very many miles, relatively, and hasn’t been under the same strains and stresses as the racing versions. It’s done some running in Spanish GTs, but that’s all.”

Stinton does actually own a race version and will be taking both cars to each meeting, with the second car being a donor vehicle where required. Spares are not an issue, with DPS having purchased all of Jon Lee’s stock of Prosport parts. Lee is the proprietor of Lynx AE and a Prosport expert. He also raced with Barry Murphy in the Bintec’s truncated 2004 season. Lee was on hand at Silverstone to offer support to DPS, but will not be driving the car; Stinton is likely to be handling all driver duties alone.

DPS is tackling the job of meeting the power-to-weight limit by detuning the engine rather than adding weight, in order to reduce the stresses on components. The engine is also from the road car, being a 24-valve, three litre, Granada Scorpio version.

Stinton will not be racing his beloved Harriers in the Group C Championship this year, but does have a project on the boil for 2007; “I’ve bought the 1987 Le Mans-winning Spice C2 and I’ll be racing that next year,” he smiled. “Group C is where my heart is, but (BGT) is my focus for this year.”

The prospect of two Prosport LM3000s running competitively in BGT this year is an intriguing one. To date, we have seen speed but not reliability from the marque. It will indeed be excellent news if DPS and Team Scandal can coax both qualities from their respective steeds.
Mark Howson


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