Ginetta G20 GT Hits the Track
Richmond Racing continued its test programme with the British GT bound Ginetta G20 GT at Snetterton on Tuesday of this week (February 28).

With no Avon wets available to the team, it was the afternoon session before worthwhile track action could begin.

“Even then it was really too cold for us to get any really worthwhile data,” said team boss Richard Hollebon. “What we do know is that the car needs to be a lot stiffer and we have a lot of work to adapt the car to the Avons. We look like we’re struggling to get the best out of the new rubber: the car was built and set-up with the Dunlops in mind (the car was originally intended to debut last season).”

The Avons have been a surprise to many teams that have so far sampled them: pace seems to be on tap but the new rubber needs a distinctly different set-up to the Dunlops they will replace in the British GT Championship in the coming season.

The Richmond team is now back at base with a job list that includes a change to the rear anti-roll bars, the original items having been found not up to the job.

A further test planned for next week at Pembrey is on hold awaiting some rather warmer weather conditions.

Snett. images as usual from the tireless Mike Hoyer. The last image shows a Gardner Douglas T70 in action (link).


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