dsc Awards For 2005 – Part 1 – Drivers of the Year

First a reminder of just how these awards work.

We invite all of the regular contributors to dsc to nominate award winners in a number of categories. Our North American team, European team and British team nominate in the areas they were responsible for covering in 2005.

This year we’re announcing the results in a slightly different fashion – this first section will give the results of the Drivers of the Year in all three sections and over the next few days, the remaining awards will follow on.
Graham Goodwin

Driver of the Year - UK
Piers Masarati’s gutsy performances on the way to a GT3 championship win proved worthy of mention here, as did Tim Mullen’s efforts behind the wheel of the Ferrari 360 he shared all season with Chris Niarchos. Phil Keen too was noticed by our judges, his raw speed will be a force for years to come. Embassy Racing’s Neil Cunningham and Ben Collins both caught the eye too, the only crew to take a win (in fact a pair of wins) in the championship, apart from the championship-winning Scuderia Ecosse Ferrari.

dailysportscar.comAll of these though were eclipsed by a pair of exceptional performers: the honour and disappointment of the runner up slot though has to go somewhere and Allan Simonsen comes second here, not by quite as slim a margin as the one he had over Masarati at the extraordinary Silverstone 2 Hour race, but decisive nonetheless.

There was though a clear winner here – as clear a winner as he was in the British GT Championship. Pole position in every qualifying session he contested and a race winner, alongside Nathan Kinch, in all but two of them too. Searing pace and a smart racing head on his shoulders, Andrew Kirkaldy is the dailysportscar.com UK Driver of the Year 2005.

“No argument, never a wheel wrong, a total pro, helped bring out the best in Nathan Kinch and deserved the title.” – David Addison

“An almost flawless season. Always fast and nearly always the fastest of all.” – Paul Slinger

“Did everything a professional driver should do in a series like British GT, in the best prepped car, should do – he dominated, everywhere! – Adam Proctor


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