Embassy – Back In 2007
Embassy Racing’s Jonathan France has formally confirmed in a statement today that the team will not be running in the British GT Championship in 2006. But there is a strong indication that the team will return in 2007.

dailysportscar.com“I think that the last two years have given me a significant insight into motor racing,” says the team owner, “and I am much better equipped now to create a team that can win in any GT series. With the added benefit of a full year’s worth of preparation, 2007 should be some year for Embassy.”

The team’s Porsche 911 GT3-RSR has now been sold, and with no chance of running an Ascari in the British Championship, the only alternative is a year off.

“I had decided at the end of last season that whatever and wherever we raced in 2006, we would be looking to improve on our British GT second place,” says the reflective France. “This meant pushing for an even more competitive car that would be capable of winning races in the UK, Europe and further afield. I felt that we had that in the Ascari and now that the deal has fallen through, I do not intend to rush out and hastily put a package together that would see us merely making up the numbers.”

It won’t just be the team that’s missing in 2006: Jonathan France made a considerable, additional commitment to the Championship during 2004 and 2005 – the Embassy girls and Embassy Race Radio, for example.

“I love motorsport, and I feel extremely privileged in being able to run my own team,” says Jonathan France. “I am excited to do whatever I can to make racing better, but I am concerned that practically every other conversation I have seems to contain a thinly veiled scheme to relieve me of large sums of money which appears to have very little purpose other than to find its way into the pocket of the individual I am talking to. I am certain that some people take my kindness and generosity for weakness and it has become quite a drain. The personal politics of motor racing is difficult to say the least and I often feel that I have enjoyed the last two years despite the circus rather than because of it.”

Let’s hope he is back in 2007: the scene will be poorer without him. We'll leave you with the scene immediately after the team's classic victory at Silverstone last August.



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