Cadena Prepared Mosler For Full British GT Ch'ship
The Cadena GTC Mosler MT900R will mount a full British GT campaign in 2006, but not in the hands of Barrie Whight and Gavan Kershaw.

dailysportscar.comThe car has been sold to Ferrari one-make specialist Kevin Riley (right) and he will mount an assault on the championship, with co-driver Ian Flux. Cadena will still run the car though.

“I’m attempting to be the oldest British GT champion ever,” said the 60 year old runner up in the UK Maranello Challenge.

“I wanted to learn the European circuits ahead of a full blown tilt at the European Ferrari Challenge title in 2006, with a new Ferrari 430, but that all changed at Brands Hatch, where I entered my 360 Challenge in the TAG Heuer 250. I was storming along, but saw this big white beast appear in my mirror, closing fast. I thought I could get to the next corner before him but he just blew by me. As we came through Sheene Corner you could see the diffuser doing its job: the car was sticking hard but squirming under the load and whilst I tried to stay with it, it just powered away, a magnificent beast. At that point I thought, I have got to get me one of those!”

Ian Flux meanwhile gave one of his trademark questioning grins at the suggestion that Riley had chosen to invest in young(er) talent for the effort:

“I’ll be 50 just a few days before the first round of the Championship so that’s going to be a combined age of 110. We’ll be racing hard though and the car is fabulous. We’re talking about the pre-season testing programme now, but that’s sure to involve some time in Spain soon.”

Further plans to be announced soon from the popular Norfolk-based, Cadena team.


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