New LNT Man - Tom Kimber-Smith
The newcomer at Team LNT for 2006 perhaps didn’t have the most favourable views on GT racing at first - “I thought it was all about old men driving big cars” - but that’s all changed now.

“I was looking for the next step forward with my racing,” he remarked at the NEC on Thursday, “and having been with Richard (Dean) and JLR in single seaters for a while, when he asked me whether I had considered GT racing, it was as good a recommendation as I could have hoped for.

“The big surprise for me was the number of really big races that are involved with really top class drivers too. Richard and the team made me a good offer for doing British GTs this coming season and I want to do more in future. There a lot of races in this area of the sport that I want to do.

Kimber-Smith’s Team LNT career started with a run out in the TVR T400R at the Istanbul LMES race, where a great time in qualifying was ruined by an engine failure in the morning warm-up. The switch to the Panoz Esperante though should hopefully see the end of such frustrating failures.

“I’ll be doing Sebring this year and there are some opportunities to race at Daytona later this season in a Riley Lexus. I definitely want to do the Daytona 24 Hours, but it’s perhaps not the most sensible choice to jump straight into a new car and expect to be competitive in a 24 hour race.”

With a brand new car and as lead driver in the British GT attack, we have a very welcome newcomer to the GT2 ranks.


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