IN2 Racing – Exciting Things Happening
This is the team that made a maiden LMES 1000 Km appearance at Spa in September, finishing a competitive ninth in GT, with a 911 GT3-RSR – driven by Juan Barazi and Michael Vergers.

With Vergers (above, in winter head gear) testing at Donington today, along with Paul Howarth and Paul Warren, it was an appropriate time to get the story behind the team, from Alec Dudfield.

“Juan Barazi is the car owner, and commercially, he is the team. But he’s too busy being a businessman to worry about the nitty gritty, so he leaves that to me,” explains Dudfield.“The Spa LMES race (left) came together within two weeks. We’d spent a lot of time earlier in the year researching what car to buy, and had already purchased the GT3-RSR (long before Spa). We made the decision to go to Spa, organised the personnel to do it, went testing, and arrived in Belgium – all within a fortnight.

“For a new team (to endurance racing), it was very rewarding to get to the end. We had no pit penalties, we didn’t transgress any of the rules – our only problem was a huge ball of rubber, which gave us a massive vibration. It took us a while to get to the bottom of that.”

For a first 1000 km race appearance, that was clearly a very satisfactory result. The man behind the team – Juan Barazi – has been racing something else this year of course; his Porsche 917.

“For Juan to take three Classic wins this year, and second place in the fourth, is an amazing performance – especially in a 917,” remarks Alec Dudfield. “2004 was only his fourth season of racing, and there he was in a 600 bhp 917, ‘with his feet sticking out of the front’."

Notice the attitude of the car during the Spa race....

“He’s driven in the Radical Endurance series for three years, but for the first two he was a bit of a wild card: he was very brave and quick, but rather inconsistent. We’ve been working with him for 12 months to refine his skills, and it’s paid off. Juan was second in the Radical Endurance series last year.”

dailysportscar.comAlec Dudfield praised Porsche for their level of customer support, which, with other Porsche attributes, was enough to persuade the team to buy a second RSR for 2005 – and begin to plan a season of British GTs and LMES.

“Paul Hogarth (above) has partnered my brother Nick in Radicals,” says Alec Dudfield, “and he’ll be part of the British GT programme, perhaps in (a third entry) a 911 GT3 Cup.

"Paul has raced with David Warnock in the past, and has a good understanding of GT racing.

"Paul Warren (below) has two seasons of Palmer Audi behind him, and raced in Radicals with us this year.

"He’s quick and mature, and wanted to try a GT car, which is why he’s at Donington with us today.”

IN2 Racing is “quietly going about its business” at the moment. “We want to do our talking on the track,” sums up Alec Dudfield.


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