Belcar 2007 Becoming Clearer
Next year’s Belcar Championship will be organized by SRO, but with a Belgian flavour – writes Joost Custers.

The classes are as we announced last month (here - on November 16) on dailysportscar: Belcar GT3, Belcar Specials and Belcar Promotion. The Belcar Specials will remain for at least two more years and the Belcar Promotion Class even longer. GT4 will arrive in 2008.

Belcar Specials: GTs allowed in Belcar and BTCS in 2006 and earlier, with a maximum engine capacity of 5.0 litres for normal aspirated cars or 2.5 litres for turbo (and other) engines. The minimum weight for the Specials is 1100 kg for over 3.6 l cars, and 1000 kg for under 3.6 litre cars. The Porsche 996 GT2 Biturbo will also be part of the Belcar Specials, with a minimum weight of 1180 kg and most probably other technical limitations.

Belcar Group GT3: This class only contains the FIA GT3 cars, and should become the primary class of Belcar in the future. The Belgian GT3s get free tyre choice and a larger tank capacity. In this spirit, the Zolder 24 hours should become a major event for GT3s from all over Europe.

Belcar Promotion: Cup cars not fitting in FIA GT3, such as 996 GT3 Supercup, Lotus Elise, etc.

Silhouettes and Touring Cars will be seen in the Zolder 24 Hours only, but this issue is somewhat contentious as the Renault Mégane, in particular, could be a real threat for overall victory.

Circuit Zolder, RACB and SRO all have their separate influences on the series from now onwards, which should ensure that the special character of Belcar remains. The Belcar brand remains the property of Circuit Zolder and they could resume on their own in the future if things 'go wrong'.

The technical rule book will follow this week (and an English version somewhat later), but there will be a balance of performance between Specials and GT3s.

In my humble opinion, the Specials are still in favour owing to proven reliability. Actually, a grid of 40 cars or more is realistic, with 10 to 15 GT3s, 15 Specials and 10 Promotion cars. The BMW M3 GTR V8 and the Z3 are welcome in the Belcar Special class.

Nothing will change regarding the format of the races, with six 125-minute rounds and the Zolder 24 Hours.


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