Belcar Classes For 2007
The Belcar technical rulebook for 2007 is being finalized and much of what has already been revealed seems to be confirmed. Belcar will again comprise classes:

Belcar Specials: GTs allowed in Belcar and BTCS in 2006 and earlier, with a maximum engine capacity of 5.0 litres for normal aspirated cars or 2.5 litres for turbo (and other) engines. The minimum weight for the Specials is 1100 kg for over 3.6 l cars, and 1000 kg for under 3.6 litre cars. The Porsche 996 GT2 Biturbo will also be part of the Belcar Specials, with a minimum weight of 1180 kg and most probably other technical limitations.

Belcar Group GT3: This class only contains the FIA GT3 cars, and should become the primary class of Belcar in the future. The Belgian GT3s get free tyre choice and a larger tank capacity. In this spirit, the Zolder 24 hours should become a major event for GT3s from all over Europe.

Belcar Promotion: Cup cars not fitting in FIA GT3, such as 996 GT3 Supercup, Lotus Elise, etc.

Traditionally, Guest cars are of course welcome in Belcar.
Joost Custers


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