The Return Of The Big Marcos
Since last month’s (fairly brief) news item regarding Marc Goossens having signed to drive Wim Noorman’s Eurotech Marcos LM600 (with Danny van Dongen), we’ve had the launch of the bright green GLPK Corvette C5-R (for Kumpen / Longin). With the SRT Corvette and the former GLPK Viper in the Belcar Class 1 mix as well, plus perhaps a little ‘needle’ as well, 2006 is certain to provide plenty of unique, Belcar action at the front of the field – as well as the middle and the back.

The Marcos LM600s (and Cor Euser’s Mantara development) have been providing entertainment in various series for almost a decade: Americans have swooned at the antics of the grunty, colourful beasts in FIA GT races in the USA - and even at Daytona too. Euser was the hero of many an FIA GT race in Europe, and has since raced in British GTs, Euro GTs and in Spain. Calum Lockie was a British GT Champion (partnered by Euser) in 2000 (the start at at Spa, right, with Marcos on the front two rows) – and six years later, Goossens and van Dongen will be out to secure another national title.

Or are ambitions set a little lower?

Joost Custers found out – from Eurotech’s Wim Noorman.

“In order to counter all speculation, the car we will race is a freshly built Marcos LM600, in 2003 spec.,” explains the Eurotech boss - adding that all Marcos racing cars built since 1999 come from Eurotech.

“The car is almost ready and we hope to go testing soon. Marc will join the team not only because of his speed but certainly also because of his huge experience and the added value he offers to the team. We’re fully aware of the distance we have to catch up compared with the Corvette etc. But on the other hand, I think we will find the level of the best Viper ever seen in Belcar and for example a 2’16” at Spa should be possible.”

That’s an impressive time at Spa….. that's Cor Euser on the left, using all the track at Spa.

“At first, we will have to go through a development period and the car will need further evolutions on different levels. Right now, we have 600 bhp for approximately 1100 kg. Both the power and aerodynamics can still be improved, resulting in a better and faster car. Carbon brakes are not an option in the opening stages, but I think that even now the road holding of the car can already be compared to the Corvette. But the first half of 2006 will be more of a development period, during which taking points is the only ambition. Some good results are the aim by the end of the year and 2007 will be decisive.”

“Danny Van Dongen will be all right, he spent lots of time in the Marcos and showed speed on several occasions. Goossens / Van Dongen will be a top driver pair. Last but not least, we hope to get excellent tyres in order to be on a par with the other top teams.”


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