End Of February Belcar News
Last week, the first entries for the Mediagroep Van Dyck Belcar series arrived, and as in 2005, AD Sport was among the early entrants, with two Porsche Biturbos – writes Joost Custers. One will be for Steegmans / Steegmans, the other for Wauters / Wauters / Vanierschot.

As reported earlier in the winter, Bo McCormick / Calum Lockie are definites in the former’s Ferrari 360, in Class 2.

In Class 3, Euroracing pair Joosen / Vroman will race a BMW M3 and CEO-Racing has entered with a new Porsche GT3 Supercup for Van Rossem / Van Hoepen.

CEO-Racing is the brand new name for the former Markant Racing outfit. There is little different apart from the name change, with Marc Claes staying on as team manager. The spearhead of the team remains the ex-Seikel Porsche 996 GT3-R of De Laet / Volleberg, in Class 2.

H&M Racing transfers from the Touring Cup to Belcar, with Ronald Vetters / Wim Jeuris driving the Porche 996 again, in Class 2, but with a newer, water-cooled engine, delivering about 430 bhp, replacing the old air-cooled unit.

Werner Van Herck will be back with his Mazda RX7, and among the winter evolutions are a new electronic system, a sequential gearbox and a new turbo. The car now has more power, but weight is still a problem; it’s almost impossible to get the Mazda under 1150 kg. Further aerodynamic evolutions are planned during the season. Marcel Booten joins the team and will replace Wim Van Herck, the father of Werner.

Michaël De Keersmaecker has finally made up his mind and he will join Guino Kenis in the latter’s Mosler MT900R, for the entire Belcar season. The G&A driver will combine the European Rallycross championship with the Belcar series. The Mosler pairing hopes to grab the title in class 2.

As the civil engineering work at the Zolder track will last for a while, teams are currently looking for alternative testing opportunities. Eran Racing offers testing possibilities on the northern French track of Croix-en-Ternois. For only €120 teams have 5 sessions of 30’ on both the 3rd and the 17th of March. More information on www.skylimitevents.be or by telephone: 0032(0)472/25.69.08.

Some teams are going ‘testing’ in the Dutch Winter Endurance Championship: G&A for example, is still fine-tuning its BMW 130i but this work is complicated by the severe noise limitations at Zandvoort.

First Motorsport is also a regular in the Winter Series. During the last race, Bert Van Rossem overtook under yellow and instead of the traditional stop & go penalty, the driver will have to support the marshals’ work for an hour during the next race weekend! David Hart received the same unconventional punishment.

Next weekend the team of Jo Jamers will be present in Holland, plus four Porsche GT3 Supercup cars, all intending to do some tyre testing. There will be some impressive line-ups: Ian Khan / Peter Kox, Haane / Waaijenberg, Van Rossem / Van Hoepen and Ceusters / De Laet / Lumbeek will defend the First Motorsport colours.

Meanwhile, Peter Van Delm has signed up with the team for a seat in the third Porsche 996 Supercup entered in class 3. The experienced driver is still looking for a second driver to complete the team.

The Bongou Speedlover team has now changed plans for the upcoming season. Gevers / Tavernier will drive the Porsche 997 GT3 Supercup which Chris Mattheus will enter in the Porsche Supercup. The latter will drive a 996 GT3 in Belcar class 3, instead of his 997 in class 2. André Van Hoof, team owner, explains that the 997, under the current rules, will not be competitive in Belcar in class 2. And what’s more, the team wants to save the new car for the Supercup. Van Havermaet will drive a 993 in the Belcar Endurance Cup. The team is still looking for a second driver in the Porsche 996 GT3 of Jurgen Van Hover.

As already known, SRT acquired a second Pratt & Miller Corvette C5-R. The team now owns chassis numbers 5 and 7. The number 5 was the car that won the GTS(1) class in the Le Mans 24 Hours, while the number 7 was the spare car.

Patrick Selleslagh: “It’s our aim to race the Belcar 2005 winning car (chassis number 7) in France, with Eric Cayrolle and Thierry Soave, for the entire French FFSA-GT championship. If we find any valuable candidates, we could rent the car for a selection of races, for example the Zolder 24 hours, in Belcar. The chassis number 5 on the other hand will do the full Belcar season with Hart and Bleekemolen and a selection of races in France. This is all because the Belcar and FFSA-GT calendars clash twice.

“Presuming that GLPK comes to Belcar with a ‘younger’ and technically more updated Corvette, we also decided to purchase a more recent engine, delivering more torque and weighing less. Our car is 50 kg heavier than the GLPK one, but we will race with bigger restrictors. I hope that Kumpen and Longin will race in Belcar with the Corvette as this is a gain for the championship and it’s magic.”


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