Goossens – Belcar Challenge Coming
Marc Goossens, the 2005 Belcar Champion, was desperately disappointed not to have the opportunity to continue racing for Patrick Selleslagh’s team this year, in the familiar SRT Corvette C5-R.

dailysportscar.comBut he’s going to be ‘getting up to some mischief’ in the series this year anyway – racing a Marcos LM600 for Wim Noorman’s Eurotech team. The team owner will be the champion’s co-driver.

Eurotech raced in Belcar for two years with an evolution of the Mantis (2003 and 2005 - right) and is now ready to go for overall victories.

Marcos vs. Corvette vs. Viper vs. ….. Ferrari, in Class 1?

Sorry - Goossens' team-mate will be Danny van Dongen. van Dongen was Belcar junior champion in 2003 in a Marcos Mantis+ which he shared with Toon van de Haterd. In 2004 he raced in Spanish GT's with Cor Euser - writes Arjen Bleeker.


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