Dayton Loves His Courage Acura
Highcroft Racing, Andretti Green Racing and Fernandez Racing were all on track together at Road America on Wednesday and Thursday of last week – for what was the first test for Duncan Dayton’s Courage LC75 chassis.

"We took delivery directly from Europe the Saturday before we left for Petit Le Mans," Dayton reports. "We got the engine a couple of days after and installed it at the Highcroft shop. For straight out of the box, the car was incredibly well-sorted and responsive to feedback."

"The ambient temperature was quite cool," he continued, “but we were able to accomplish quite a bit on the motor testing, and the (Michelin) tires worked very well given the cold conditions and the relative lack of track grip.

"Fernandez has had their car the longest and had done a couple of tests, and AGR did a test too," Dayton added. "Having all three cars together showed the synergy of all three Acura teams, and having Michelin there was helpful too."


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