Autocon Gears Up For The Next Two – And 2007
Autocon’s Lola B01/60 will be driven by the three 2006 regulars at Petit Le Mans – Mike Lewis, Chris McMurry and Bryan Willman.

For the final round of the ALMS, two weeks later at Laguna Seca, John Graham, who made his debut for the team at Mosport, joins the gang.

"His introduction at Mosport was a bit snake bit with rain during one practice day,” explains Mike Lewis, “and then when one of the GT2s took out our car on lap nine before John even got race laps. We felt he deserved another shot this year and Chris (McMurry) agreed to let John take his seat at Laguna. Everyone involved with us is all about ‘team’.”

"This race just whets my appetite for next year as Autocon expands to a two car team,” says the popular Canadian. “My abbreviated experience at Mosport built onto my respect for Mike and the entire group he has assembled. They make privateers proud by launching a competitive effort against the world's best sports car teams and drivers. We will mix it up with the Audis, the Porsches, the Dyson team, and the rest.”

Chris McMurry explains the plan ahead of Petit Le Mans.

“Next Friday (September 22) we will be testing four drivers (three of them are younger chaps) as potential partners for John in our second car next season. We also have four other funded drivers who are interested in the ride, but will not be available for the one-day test (there’s only time for four guys to drive on the single day).”

The test takes place at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, where the Fernandez Lola Acura tested recently.

“We may do an additional test after Laguna Seca (site undetermined) unless the seats are already filled by then. Once the seats are filled, we’re planning at least two multi-day tests during the off-season, including the Wheels Down Under test at Sebring.”

Here's Chris McMurry at Lime Rock Park - where he led the whole field.


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