van der Steur Radical Shakedown
The first stage of the acquisition of the team’s new car is complete: the van der Steur Radical SR9 had it shakedown at Summit Point Raceway, Virginia, yesterday (Wednesday), and the test was “flawless”.

Gunnar van der Steur and Ben Devlin each completed 35 laps with the AER-powered SR9.

"Fantastic!" said Gunnar van der Steur. “We did 70 laps total and didn't have any issues. The car is so precise. It's such a rewarding feeling. It's nice to have something new that you can work with.

"I'm comparing everything against the old Lola," van der Steur continued. "The actual body style is incredible. Everyone was amazed at how great the car looked going through the circuit. It just blends so well together. I can put a penny on the track and hit it every time. With the old Lola, I couldn't come within five feet. It's all about the new technology."

The new car will run on KUMHO tyres.

"We'll be the development team for the Radical on KUMHOs," van der Steur confirmed. "This will be a good relationship."

Ben Devlin was highly impressed too, although he drove the Bruichladdich example at Donington Park late last month. "If Petit goes as well as it did yesterday, I think we'd win Petit. We'd love to be on the podium and we'd love to win. Running this car, you see where the Porsches gain their advantages. We're not going to beat the Porsches on pace. If we can spend less time in the pits and be precise, we'll do well."


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