Bruichladdich Radical For Laguna Seca
Tim Greaves has caused quite a stir with his 'Brook Laddie' Radical SR9, in just two Le Mans Series races.

The next race on the agenda for the team is Jarama on September 25, then (for the team owner) Petit Le Mans a week later – but in the van der Steur SR9 AER, partnering vdS regulars Ben Devlin and Gunnar van der Steur.

“My car will then fly to California for the Laguna Seca ALMS race. On that circuit, it looks like a two driver race to me.”

The power steering on the SR9 is definitely a factor in Greaves’ thinking.

“Through the Craner Curves (at Donington Park) there’s isn’t that much difference between the speeds of the SR8 and the SR9 – they’re both in the 140 to 150 mph range – but the SR9 is a lot less tiring. An hour came up in the race amazingly quickly, whereas you know when you’ve done 40 minutes in the smaller car.”

So splitting the four hours with one co-driver at Laguna Seca isn’t expected to be a problem.


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