Miracle Sells Up – To Dennis Spencer
It’s sad news in a way, but John Macaluso has sold his entire Miracle Motorsports assets to Dennis Spencer. Mike Fuller at www.mulsannescorner.com revealed the news earlier today.

Dennis Spencer has tested the car already, but his plan seems to be to install a Mazda engine in the Courage C65.

John Macaluso goes out on a high note, thanks to his team’s fine finish (third in LMP2) at Le Mans. That was looking like a probable second place, until gearbox problems intervened.

Besides a full-time job, and running a website, Mike Fuller has taken on another task, as he reveals:

I've currently undertaken the co-authoring of a book on the IMSA GTP series, with Jim Martin. Jim Martin previously wrote the book "Prototypes" with the late Ken Wells. Prototypes covered similar ground (IMSA GTP), but our new book will concentrate solely on the cars. Figure it somewhat as an extension of Mulsanne's Corner for an idea on technical detail and insight. In that vein I'm very interested in publishing as much aerodynamic data on these cars as possible. Never before and never since (and never again?) have racecars generated the level of downforce that the GTP cars did.

Some data already has been published on Mulsanne's Corner, but alas there are many gaps, and that's where this new request centers from. I know much of this data exists somewhere on the planet, its just a matter of prying it out of willing hands (or figuring out where it went). Jim and I are making a request to the racing professional community for aerodynamic data concerning the following IMSA GTP race cars:

Lola T600 and variants
March GTP
Mustang GTP
Corvette GTP
Fabcar GTP
Group 44 Jaguars
TWR Jaguars
Porsche 962
AAR Toyota
Chevy Intrepid
Nissan Electramotive/NPTi
Mazda RX-792P.

We are interested in objective (not anecdotal) aerodynamics data (either track data from strain gauges or wind tunnel data) showing downforce and drag at a particular speed. And let it be understood that this data will be published. Frankly the information is at very least 14 years old, so there is little point in keeping it under wraps any longer.

In addition to the aerodynamic data we are also after images, photos, drawings, sponsorship renderings, etc. concerning the mentioned IMSA GTP cars. If you have items you'd like to share with this effort we're certainly willing and interested in receiving them. The more "technical" (wind tunnel testing, track testing, car build, unusual variants / developments) the better. And if there is a story to go along with them let us know.

And finally if you were involved in the design and development of any of these cars, we'd love to talk with you.

Contact Mike Fuller by e-mail.


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