Pastorini’s ALMS Mercedes
”I have a partner, Ms. Betty Johnston,” says Dan Pastorini, “who I believe might be the only woman owner in racing, and we are building the Mercedes SLK GTR.”

Eight months ago, here , Pastorini told dsc that “we feel this car will be very competitive if not dominant. We are focusing our efforts, naturally, in getting the sponsorship together first, but have had great interest mainly due to the reputation of Mercedes and reintroducing the company here in American road racing. We have the Team...We just need to put the money together to do it.”

Back to the present and Dan Pastorini comments that “RENNtech Performance, owned by Hartmut Fehyl is partnering with us jointly and will be building the car. I will have more news in a week....”

So Dan Pastorini has found a partner. We look forward to discovering more details soon.


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