Courage Acura In New York
Peter & Gayle Brock were present for the Acura announcement in New York yesterday (April 12), and collectively forward this text and these two images.

The Courage chassis will be fitted with a completely new 3.4 liter Acura racing engine developed “in house” just for this program. The transaxle is an Acura proprietary case, but the internals are all Hewland. The plan is for it to start seriously testing this summer with “selected” teams (two are rumored).

Bobby Rahal is the most mentioned named but “no final decision has yet been made”. The car(s) will run in LMP2 initially, then the program will escalate into a full LMP1 program for Le Mans (also the rumored path for Porsche’s RS Spyder).

John Mandel, Sr. VP of Honda Automobile Operations, said “Our entry as a full factory team into the American Le Mans Series will accurately reflect Acura’s position as a leader in performance and technology, and provide us with an arena to compete against other manufacturers in sports car endurance racing.”

Don Panoz was here as were Scott Atherton, Tim Mayer and all the other important officials of the ALMS, as this announcement is as big a coup for the ALMS/IMSA as it is for Honda.


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