The Corner Worker Is OK
It sounded very worrying at the time – and indeed could still have been – but rather than a corner worker being taken ill during the 12 Hours at Sebring (with the race then run under yellow while an ambulance was sent out) it was, well, slightly different…

He managed to trap himself upside-down in a tire stack at the outside of turn 10, requiring the full-course yellow and the longest delay of the race (seven laps under safety car).

Apparently, the guy was sealed in so completely that he couldn't breathe for about two minutes. The other workers were able to hold his legs to permit some air to enter, but when they tried to pull, they succeeded only in removing his pants (trousers).... so they held his legs until rescue arrived - with enough help to flip the tyre stack and extract the poor chap.

In the end, a funny story to add to the annals of Sebring history... but it could have been very bad indeed had the worker been alone, across the track from any help.

Well done all the corner workers, for getting through that one, in that heat.


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