Fred Goddard’s ALMS Reynard Offer
The Goddard Reynards have featured regularly on these pages in the past, and perhaps they will again – or at least one of them will?

“If anyone is prepared to pay the running costs to run them in ALMS, in return for a drive for my son Earl, I would be quite happy to loan them free of charge,” says Fred.

The two cars are Reynard 01Q-002 (chassis 002 - the LMP675 Nicholson McLaren-powered chassis), and 01Q-003, the LMP900 fitted with a Judd V10.

This is the last year that non-hybrids can be run in the ALMS – so here’s an opportunity to go racing, with none of the commitment to own a car.

The spares package is a large one, as Fred Goddard explains.

“I’ve got a complete spare high downforce body, plus a low downforce body, spare splitters, noses, a lot of rims, four spare corners, wishbones, driveshafts - it’s all here.”

Both cars are fitted with Ian Foley’s pneumatic paddle shift gearchange, “which Jan Lammers suggested we fitted. He had problems with gearboxes at Le Mans, but once he fitted the paddle shift, his gearboxes finished Le Mans looking like new.”

The gearboxes can anyway be changed on these cars in 12 minutes.

“It’s such a shame to see the cars sitting here, when they’ve got one year left in them in the ALMS,” concludes Fred.

Incidentally, the Reynard chassis numbers which we posted here caused a slight difference of opinion between Godddard and Kieron Salter – but one which is easily explained.

Kieron Salter: “Fred is correct of course: he has updated one chassis to Judd V10 which I had forgotten about and need to add to the appropriate year that he did that (so yes that bit of history is missing). The chassis numbers I used only relate to the original manufactured chassis numbers. So yes, Fred does have chassis 01Q-002 and 01Q-003. These were the original 2KQ chassis 004 and 007.”

Here’s Earl Goddard, testing the Judd-powered car at Silverstone.

Fred Goddard: Office - 01327-354805, Mobile - 07802-215278


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