dsc 2005 Awards 18 – North American Non-Driver of the Year

It takes a huge number of individual contributions to create a successful race, a successful event and a successful package, so it’s perhaps no surprise that we have a large number of nominees in this category.

Oddly we have nominations for two members of the same family – father and daughter Max and Catherine Crawford. Max for his DP design, which is so far the closest challenger to the dominant Riley in Grand Am, and Catherine for her alleged reaction to the blooper from then fiancée, now husband Andy Wallace, on the end of season ALMS video – he will never make the same mistake again when asked the question “Blondes or Brunettes?”

ALMS media types are represented here too, with Pirelli’s man Jack Gerken getting an honourable mention, together with PWL’s Tom Moore, dsc’s Murphy Bear and a well deserved vote which packages the ALMS teams media delegates, paddock and track crews together.

dailysportscar.comAmong the race teams themselves, 2004 winner Dave Maraj gets another well deserved nomination here, together with his season long tormentor Rob Dyson and Corvette kingpin Doug Fehan.

All though fall just short of the winner here. For a season long battle against the odds, for his huge personal emotional and financial backing of the effort, for his continued campaign despite the massive disappointment of a Le Mans bid ruined by a very late rear wing restriction….

The dailysportscar.com Non Driver of the Year 2005 for North America is Jeff Giangrande.

“Whenever the Saleen stumbled he looked as if he had suffered real physical pain – a great effort spoilt by ridiculous bad luck” Graham Goodwin

“Fought the good fight” Russell Wittenberg.


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