Capello On The R10
Dindo Capello's comments after three days of testing the new Audi at Sebring:

"I felt at home in the R10 after two laps. The R10 has the typical DNA of Audi. After the bad season in the DTM, it was important for me to show that I’m still fast and hungry. I know, however, that the conditions were perfect today (Wednesday). The track had a lot of grip and temperatures were low. At Sebring, conditions keep changing all the time. Therefore, the results are difficult to judge – especially as our strongest competitors did not run any more on the last day.”

Capello's 1:47.308 compares very favourably, for a brand new car, with Tom Kristensen's best at this test a year ago, a 1:46.590.

"We had a few small problems which cost us time,” added Frank Biela. "We worked through a lot of the things we wanted to. Therefore we can be satisfied. We came to Sebring in order to uncover teething troubles with the R10. That’s exactly what we did.”

They're going to be formidable racing machines, aren't they?


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