Guy Smith – Ready For 2006
Guy Smith, newly announced as a season long component in the new look Dyson Racing team, was interviewed on the central stage of the Autosport Show on Thursday, and was clearly looking forward to the season ahead.“A full season in a brand new Lola LMP1, with the new AER turbo V8, is a really exciting prospect. After driving the LMP2 version (for Chamberlain-Synergy at Istanbul) it really is a mouth watering proposition.

“I’ll be at the winter test, but it will probably just be James (Weaver) and Chris (Dyson) in the new car there, we’ll only have one of the cars for that test. We get the first car on Friday and it will be shipped straight out: the second car should be ready in time for the test in early February, so we should get a far better idea then of where we stand.

“As for Sebring, well the Audis will be very strong. Perhaps diesel might be the way forward, but they need to prove that the gearbox and drive train can take the massive torque. Two, two car teams, both with brand new chassis and brand new engines! That brings the Porsche into the mix of course too. We saw what they can do at Laguna and if reliability comes into play, they could well be there too.

Guy was also asked about his impressions of Le Mans by show ‘front man’ Henry Hope-Frost – just what is it like thumping down the Mulsanne at night at around 220mph?

“F-ing scary actually! I wish I’d started my Le Mans career earlier. I first raced there at 28 and really wish now I’d done it at 21, there is so much that you can learn with experience there.”

Guy had recently taken his father for a spin in the two seater Bentley Speed 8 race car, which the factory has retained for demonstration purposes, and relayed his experiences.

“What he found most surprising, and most impressive, was not necessarily the sheer speed itself but rather the way these things accelerate, and more particularly the way they brake. That really is a different world from a quick road car.

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