Autocon Lola Livery
Chris McMurry forwards the graphics to show the livery for the Autocon Lola B01/60 AER – which he, Mike Lewis and Bryan Willman will race in the ALMS this year.

dailysportscar.comChris McMurry (right) points out that the Autocon logos are placeholders that will be replaced by sponsor logos.

“We have our Sebring sponsor signed and will make an announcement in a few days.”

The San Diego-based team won’t be at the Wheels Down Winter Test at Sebring later this month – but they will be testing soon afterwards, in California. The new livery may not actually be on the Lola by then though.

Autocon’s owner, Mike Lewis, explains that “we used Royal Blue as the primary color because our truck, kiwi tile and some of the equipment is from former ALMS contender Team Bucknum, which our co-driver Bryan Willman co-owned, yet we wanted a design that was different enough from the car’s former owner, Dyson Racing, which flies a primarily white car with darker blue accents.”

“I like what Jeff and Dave Borkowski from ESBG ( prepared for us. It’s a little different from the typical schemes.”

The Autocon Lola’s race debut will be at Sebring in March.


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