Two Ex-Works Corvettes For ALMS 2005
Michael Yager has confirmed that he will be involved, as a driver, with a two car effort in the 2005 ALMS, with ex-Pratt & Miller Corvette C5-Rs – writes Paul Collins.

They’re chassis numbers 005 and 006, the former being the Fellows / O’Connell / Freon Sebring winner in 2003.

Delivery of the cars is expected on December 15, with a full launch of the project in the Los Angeles area “before February 12”.

The drivers? Alex Figge and Alex Gurney, Michael and Blake Yager.

More details will become available in due course – team name, tires, shakedown testing and plans beyond 2005.

Michael Yager's Mid-America Motor Motorworks markets automotive parts and accessories to owners of Corvettes, Porsches and classic Volkswagens. It is expected that the race team will adopt a new name for the 2005 program.

So that’s one very positive item of ALMS news, as predicted earlier today. Doug Fehan has recently indicated that customer cars would be running next year, and sure enough, here's the confirmation.

This is the only privately run C5-R so far, the Belgian SRT car, always driven spectacularly quickly by Marc Goossens.


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